Floor Spots & Artist Bookings

At Chesham we value our own and visiting talent greatly. Singers Nights are open to all performers. We encourage all acoustic based performers to come and have a go. All we ask is you give of your best.  Let the MC know if you wish to perform

Guest Night floor spots are limited. If visiting, we ask that you drop contact us to agree a slot. Our members and visiting guests are paying good money for tickets, so seek a good standard of proficiency to support the main guest.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to aspiring and upcoming young artistes. We offer a limited number of Feature Nights which will normally consist of 2 x 20-minute sets. Ideally, we prefer to hear and see you before booking Feature Nights so come to a singer’s night and discuss the possibility with us first.  Many of our featured acts have subsequently been booked as main guests.


As a club we book a mix of new and established acts each year. We are happy to listen to web-based tracks and CDs but prefer to meet and hear acts in person first. Normally there will be at least two years between bookings. We book from September through to October for the following year. Please do not send material outside of this period. Please do not repeatedly phone up and hassle for a booking.

Due to our great acoustics the club encourages performance without amplification. The PA is used for balance and reinforcement only. We supply mics, stands and DI box. For solo artiste’s foldback is not strictly necessary as the room has a live sound.

As a club, we do not have the facilities to provide accommodation. Hemel Hempstead West Premier Inn is nearest to the club.